Sometimes these pound to Aussie dollar conversions, usually in the case of business transactions, can amount to sums well into the tens of thousands and higher. For higher value GBP/AUD conversion and transfers, it becomes even more crucial to get the best possible exchange rate

Pound to rand

Brexit jitters and Emerging Markets turbulence have meant the past few months, read couple of years in the case of pound sterling, have been very volatile for the pound to rand course. The chart mapping the relationship between the UK and South African currencies over the past 12 months resembles a stormy ocean building to crescendo.

moving abroad checklist

For Brits, the two primary reasons to move abroad is either for work or retirement. From lifestyle to professional development and a host of other reasons that vary from individual to individual, a move abroad can be extremely rewarding. It also comes with challenges such as language barriers, having to adapt to new cultural norms and simply building a new life in a new, unfamiliar environment.

A checklist for any company trading internationally including government resources and support available, how to build a network and currency management

Buying Property Spain EU Brexit

Buying Property in Spain & The EU Post-Brexit At the last count, there were around 750,000 UK citizens permanently semi-permanently resident in…

As of late last week, Italy has what is considered to be the first truly populist government of a major European nation since the Second World War…

Transferring foreign currency to a person or business abroad? Foreign exchange transfer specialists are a cheaper option than using your bank…

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